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With just 11 percent of all persons employed, self-employed workers are by far no mass phenomenon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There might be many reasons for that low number, but we are know many reasons, why you should think different about entrepreneurship. We do not know, what lead you to stand at the threshold of self-employment at this very moment and neither do we know how your concrete realization concept looks like. Maybe you are already self-employed and look for support, either in a financial or in an operative way? Or maybe you even look for a successor for your company?

No matter what it is – there is one thing we know for sure: We are the most convenient partner for you. The Institute of Entrepreneurship (IoE) is focusing on these topics every day. On the one side, we support motivated people to find the best individual way for their self-employment and on the other side, we support companies in finding the best candidates for their needs. Whether you are interested in Franchising, in an investment of an aspiring company or in an acquisition of a company in a concrete sector – we are the right partner for you!

Our goals

The IoE-concept

The Institute of Entrepreneurship (IoE) pursues two essential goals: On the one hand, we support motivated people who are interested in self-employment in a consulting, supporting and mediating way. On the other hand, we support well established companies as well as Start-ups to find convenient founders, successors or operators. This combination allows us to combine the requirements with needs and to provide the perfect matches to the requests of our customers and clients.

The IoE continuously analyses the market to find out about suitable and recommendable franchise-systems for our portfolio. Furthermore, the IoE regularly scans the fast moving start-up business and works on innovative methods and contact panels for established companies, who search for suitable subsequent regulations. Thus, we are equipped with a widespread and profound know-how as well as with an extraordinary broad network of cooperative partners. Since our establishment is located all over the DACH-Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), we even can offer excellent solutions transregionally.

This procedure enables us to bring together, what really fits. Due to our own company’s history, the current focus point of the IoE is franchising. In this context, we support potential franchisees, searching for their perfect system fit, as well as franchisors looking for the perfect candidate for their specific requirements. As a matter of course, the first step in these processes is always the question of a fundamental suitability – in terms concerning the candidate as well as in terms concerning the system.

However, franchising is not the best fit for everybody. For some people, an investment in a start-up or a succession of a well established company might be the better solution. And not surprisingly, not each and every franchise systems keeps their promises. To figure out, which systems are trustworthy is one of the crucial performances of the Institute of Entrepreneurship. Because, only if both qualities (of the entrepreneur as well as of the company) fit to one another, a long lasting and successful entrepreneurship can be established.

That’s what we work for!

Our focus

The IoE-consultation

The centerpiece of our services is the personal counselling interview. After having clarified the basic aspects as well as the framework conditions for a target-oriented consulting, the candidates receive a personal analysis-sheet and our consultancy contract. These documents are the basic of the requested consulting concerning the self-employment of the candidate.

Usually, the results of the personal analysis already give an idea of the rough direction of the consulting path: What is the candidate’s motivation? In which kinds of self-employment is he interested in – franchising, start-up or succession? If franchising, which systems?

In the counselling session we elaborate a detailed entrepreneur profile and illustrate the individual options for the candidate. Given that the counselling session proceeds positively, we continue with the different steps on the way to a self-employment, which result in a specific recommendation of suitable franchise-systems or companies.

After the counselling session we continue with the conclusion phase. In this stage we initiate the dialog between the candidate and the franchise-system or the company. Given that the discussions run well, this stage will end up with the signing of the contract. As a matter of course, our IoE-consultants will support both sides during this phase.

During the last years, the IoE was able to build up a broad and powerful network – especially in franchising. That allows us to select suitable systems earlier and more precise than other consultants.

Moreover, thanks to the longstanding experiences of our consultants, we have excellent contacts to enterprises. Additionally, the IoE itself develops concepts for start-up investments and succession planning. Especially these two scopes have been strongly developed recently and will be of major importance in the future.

Our know-how compared with our high-class portfolio allows us, to consult our candidates profound and individually concerning their possibilities of self-employment.


Franchising is a business model, which relies on proved standards of merchandising services or commodities. This form of expansion is based on a close and ongoing collaboration of legally autonomous and independent entrepreneurs. Thus, an entrepreneur who enters franchising pays a fee and receives an already established business model.

There are two different perspectives of franchising: for the franchisee it is a career opportunity. The franchisor, on the other hand, benefits of the multiplication of the business model. This growth strategy allows him to establish his business model within his domestic market as well as internationally.

Franchising is not limited to a specific branch. There are established and well known franchise systems in almost every branch. Some famous examples are McDonalds, TUI tourist agency, Schülerhilfe, Bakery Kamps, Apollo Optics, OBI DIY market, Engel & Völkers real estate etc.


Start-up companies are new concepts, which are still in growth and establishment. They offer a great opportunity to participate in the setup of a promising business model in an operative and financial way. Investors further support the setup of the start-up through their creativity and know-how. Start-ups are indeed full of chances for an investor, yet they inherent great risks due to the early stage of the business model.

Company succession

Well established companies, who might even have been developed through several generations, often search for an appropriate successor for their company. Within this scope, the IoE focuses on small and medium-sized companies with a company value up to 10 million Euro. The benefit of overtaking an existing company is the longstanding experiences as well as the establishment in the specific sector. However, in this form of entrepreneurship, the investment needs are the highest.

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